I’ve never finished a TV show series as quick as ’13 Reasons Why’, and I’m shaken to the very core- in fact there are goose bumps trembling across my body, in waves if I might add- to and fro- to the beat of my thoughts.
It’s eerie how well I could relate to all the characters in this show- to all the 13 reasons why a girl ended her life. Ah. Look at this; I’m making things about me again. Typical. But isn’t that what most of us do? We; who are a society of bullies, plastering ourselves with fashion-forward style, smiles and aesthetics, raking in meaningless ‘like’ after ‘like’, deluding ourselves with our “perfect” existence- when we could be so much more. Instead of being tools of destruction, we could be the building blocks, the pillars for support to those crumbling inside. We could be so much more than an empty box with a Wi-Fi connection, really.
It’s an amazing series. Watch it. Understand it. Make it amount to something- for all those ‘Hannah Bakers’ out there; for the sake of this one, make them smile, and believe in themselves. Show them that there is humanity out there in a world where so many get lost, that there is a compass somewhere just waiting to guide them home.

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