At the Crossroads

I pray to God to give me the swiftest feet,

so i can tread water, instead of going beneath

this grade isn’t a float across

a water body towards soft, cool moss


it’s a battle being fought with fearsome foes:

Work and Time; hence pain is sublime

It’s a memorial to the days you’ve lost,

the golden days that once were yours


you look back with a tear or two

wishing your life ahead didn’t look so sky blue

there’s just so much you want to do

so much potential, you’ve yet to prove.


you divide to conquer, thinking its fo the best

but then you seem to fail what you call ‘tests’

you want to give each thing more Time

but end up dreaming of sour grapes and limes


you find there’s only one brain in your head;

so you want to go for recreation instead,

but you are stuck doing things you wont mind

throwing in the dustbin to gather dust all the while


There’s just so much you want to do;

so many dreams you’ve dreamt for you,

a million people who you want to be,

after all, Youth doesn’t last for all eternity


so you divide and conquer, to pass all those ‘tests’

each one you receive, you wish it were the best

‘a little more time’, you wonder, ‘ a little more rest’,

then maybe, just maybe i can beat the rest


and fulfill those dreams of what i want to do,

and live my life the way I’ve always wanted to.



~Saniya Shahzad

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