Encased within a claustrophobic tub

I think of my life, before the poisoned sub

I try to ignore the pain coursing down my veins

trying to stall my impending, final faint


I curse the recklessness built within,

yet feel compelled to love; from my ratty whim

and just before my lights go dim,

I think of the life I’ve lived for Him


I once thought of changing the world we know,

when I was small, yet not mature

Golden dreams that filled my heart with glee,

Imagine, a mouse, changing the world we see!


Perhaps we’d make human traps galore,

to catch a human, so we can explore

Or maybe build a spaceship which

would take us to the magical land called the ‘fridge’


I dreamt a thousand dreams in my life,

All involving change and strife,

beautiful thoughts, they all were so,

yet never saw the reality they were meant to know


All because I remained that rat,

Cosy within its habitat,

not bothering to discover, envisage, explore;

content with living life the way it was before.

~Saniya Shahzad

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